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Rebrand your brand? In 5 steps to a successful communications strategy

If your brand no longer appeals to the target group, no longer fits the market or is simply outdated, it may be necessary to revive the brand. In this blog post I share the main points of my strategic approach. They are useful in rebranding any brand.

Step 1: Analyse the current position

It all starts with insight. Before making changes, you need to understand how stakeholders currently view your brand. This is the From situation.

Step 2: Define the new position

Where do you want to go with the brand? This is the To situation. Determine how your brand should be perceived by the stakeholders.

Step 3: Develop a communication strategy

Choose the channels you will use to bring certain messages to the attention of specific stakeholders and set a time schedule.

Step 4: Engage stakeholders with stories

People like stories. They create an emotional bond. So tell stories that support the new brand position.

Step 5: Be flexible and adjust

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan. If the communication is not having the desired effect, adjust the strategy based on collected data and feedback.

A holistic approach to the new brand position

Rebranding a brand requires patience, consistency and creativity! It’s a challenging process. A holistic approach in which all communication efforts are aligned is the key to success.

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